Specialist design and fabrication studio run by artist/architect MICHAEL ELION. Please go to MICHAELELION.NET to see his artworks

Interactive display - revolve the shoe in the shop window when the shop is closed

HUNTERS: seven meter long replica bottle in snowstorm using blowers on timers and polystyrene flakes

Prior to setting up The Michael Elion Company in Cape Town, in 2011, Michael worked as a designer, 3D modeller and production manager in Paris. Below are of some of the projects he worked on.

Interactive display - bring the shirt to life using your mobile phone

RICHILIEU billboard with giant LED lightboxes

Interactive display - turn on the boombox and play music through your phone

Santam campaign: giant highlighters installed South Africa's international airports

HUNTERS: Giant snow globe. 4 meter replica bottle in a snowstorm (blowers on timers & polystyrene)